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Airline Ticket Pricing

FlyingAre you trying to decide between just flying uncomfortably and enjoying the premium experience of a first class plane ticket? Prices on first and business class tickets can be outlandish on other sites, but with Executive Class Travel you can get some of the best deals in the business. Our first class airfare prices are low because we know how and where to find the most competitive prices for our clients. We know how to get you into first class!

Flight cost concerns are some of the top worries of traveling executives; even corporate clients have a budget to consider. Business professionals around the globe know that for some meetings, in person communication is both required and inevitable. Flying in coach can lead to less in-flight work, poor sleep, and poorer in-person communication once the executive meets for business at the destination. Personal and private jets can be much more costly and lead to poor public and employee relations. So, for many executives and professionals, the answer is to fly first class. Plane ticket prices, however, can weigh down the budget of a necessary travel. When you ask your administrative professional or travel team, “How much are first class plane tickets?” you can also ask us too; we have the deals that will get you there without having to break your travel budget!

First Class Airfare Prices

Listed are the starting prices for our first class and business class tickets.

Destination First Class Price Business Class Price
U.S., Canada, and Alaska $1299 Not Available
Africa $4999 $3999
Asia $3999 $3199
Australia $4999 $3999
Europe $3799 $2999
South America $3799 $2999
Caribbean Islands $1899 Not Available

*Please note that prices are subject to change.

How Much Are First Class Plane Tickets to My Destination?

The prices listed above are just some examples of the great deals we find on a daily basis for our clients. Our team excels at finding cheap and discounted tickets fast. Because we work tirelessly to find the right price for your next trip, you can have a huge first class flight cost savings. With us, it’s easy to get your next first class flight at a 40 to 70 percent discount. We also offer a 100 percent price match guarantee; we’ll never be undersold!

By working with Executive Class Travel, you can enjoy better service, more in-flight relaxation, priority seating, and affordable first and business class tickets. We can work with you to get you to your next convention or meeting efficiently and cost effectively.

Choose Executive Class Travel

As a leading airline consolidator with more than two decades of experience, Executive Class Travel finds deals on both national and international flights and can help you today. Contact us to let us help you find the best price on your next flight. Our service team can help any individual executive, business team, small or large business, or corporation. You can also get a fast and free quote when you call 1-866-950-2200.

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