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Aviation Links and Aerospace Resources


General Directory

Airline Two Letter Codes - Alphabetical by Airline Code

Airline Two Letter Codes - Alphabetical by Airline Name

Airports--Updated Links 

Airports:, Airport Web sites--big list, Wikipedia list of airports, Traffic rankings, US airport delay status3-letter Airport Codes, Detailed Airport Info,


Non-US Airports by Codes: AMS, AUH (Abu Dhabi), CDG, BRU, DEL, DME (Moscow), FRA, GIG (Rio), HEW (Athens), HND (Haneda), ICN (Seoul), LHR, all London airports, MEL, MUC, NRT, PEK, SNN, SNY, TLV (Tel Aviv), YUL (Montreal), YYC, YVR, YYZ, ZRH


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Click HERE for Flying magazine's test of the Adam A500.

See The Military Channel's slideshow of its Top Ten Bombers of all time.

Watch a six minute video from of their editor's flight in the new Airbus A380.


Aviation Industry News

Aerospace / Defense / Airline / General:  Aviation Now, AOPA News in Review, AVweb, General Aviation News,, Private Pilot News, ComPilots Aviation News & Portal,,, Alta Vista Airline news, Airline Headlines, Aero Online, Yahoo Aviation & Aerospace, FlightGlobal, Air Cargo World, Financial Times Aerospace

Military: DoD, USAF,

Aviation Safety:, Flight Safety Foundation, Int'l Soc. Air Safety Investigators, Air Safety Online, Aviation Safety Network, Airsafe,,,

Aviation Security: Passenger Cargo Security Group, Airline Pilots Security Alliance, Secondary Screening, Barker & Associates (General Aviation Security Training), Mobile Video Surveillance system 

SpaceNASA news, Mars Rovers, Saturn Cassini Huygens, Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA Kids, SpaceX, Scaled Composites, Virgin Galactic, MSNBC Space News


Other World News

General: Fox News, WorldNetDaily,, Washington Times, National Review Online, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NPR, Time, Newsweek, NYTimes, Washington Post, AP Breaking News

World:  International Herald Tribune, London Telegraph London TimesCNN International, BBC

Business: Fox News Business, Fortune, WSJ, MSNBC, Financial Times, Economist, London Times Business

War / Sept. 11: Stars & Stripes, CNN, Yahoo Afghanistan, Yahoo Iraq, Yahoo Terrorism, London Telegraph, Washington PostWeb archive

Sports:  ESPN, CNNSI, BBCMore...


Weather & Travel

Weather: Weather Channel



N. Asia

S. Asia

N. America

S. America

C. America


Enter world city or US Zip

Satellite Images: Colorado State

Aviation Weather: NOAA Weather Briefing, NOAA Aviation Weather Center, IFR/VFR mapFBOWeb, FAA DUAT (pilots only), Metar data, NEXRAD radar links, Texas A&M METAR, Weather Calculators, Accuweather, Unisys

Flight Delays: FAA Delay map, FAA Airport Delay Status,'s Airport Weather Impact map

Flight Status: OAG, Google Flight & Weather info,

Airline Reservation Numbers & Websites: Airlines,
Air Transport World links

Destinations:  Jetski rental at Lake Havasu; Forest Service Campgrounds

Travel Planning:  Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire, OneTravel,, Vacation Ideas & Tips, Access Italy, "Wicked London" visitors' guide, Rome car hire service from


Key Aviation Organizations

International: Int'l Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Misc. Trade Associations: American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Aerospace Industries Association, SAE, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Institute of Physics (AIP), American Chemical Society

Air Transport & Regionals: ATA, IATA, ATAC, BATA, RAA, >ACI, AIA, CANSO

Business: NBAA

General Aviation: , AOPA, Experimental Aircraft Assoc. General Aviation Manufacturers's Assoc.

Military: DARPA, Nav Air Weapons, USN, USAF, DTIC, GAO Military

Pilot Groups: United Pilots Association, USAirline Pilots, Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations (CAPA), Allied Pilots Association, SWAPA, IPA


Aerospace Suppliers

Engines: Pratt&Whitney, GE, GE-Honda, Int'l Aero Engines, CFM, Rolls-Royce, Snecma military, Snecma civil, Turbomeca, Williams, Lycoming, Teledyne-Continental  

Electronics OEMs: Honeywell, Bendix/King, Rockwell Collins, Thales-Sextant, Garmin

Components & Airframe OEMs: Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Goodrich,  Northrup-Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Messier, RBC Bearings  Many more...

MarketPlaces / Parts Locators: ILS, Aeroxchange, Partsbase,, Tradeair, Aero Online,, AirResearch STC/PMA Database

Supply chain / software:, ESIS, CDG, Avtrak

Leasing/Financing/Trading:  Int'l Soc. of Transport Aircraft Trading, GECAS, Boeing Finance, Int'l Lease Finance Corp., AOPA Finance, Aviation Capital Group

Aftermarket & Repair:  AAR, Aviall, Volvo, Memphis Group, Tracer, Source One, Honeywwell, Boeing Direct, Heico, AirLiance,, Airline Industry Update, eBayMore spares sources

Ground Support Equipment:  Lectro towbarless electric tugs

Aerospace Supplier Reference: Listings, Aircraft Interiors Online



Mechanical / Aerospace: Dictionary of Terms for Aerospace Use (NASA),Engineering Fundamentals, SAE, iCrank, Materials (MatWeb)EEVL Engineering, Math & Computing Guide, Aerodynamics Calculator, Fluid and Solid Mechanics links, NASA Technical Reports Server, Applied Aerodynamics (Demo Version), Orbital Calculators, Engineering Techincal Data Reference Tables links, Unit Conversion Factors, Physical Properties of Materials, Engineering Books (Amazon)

Chemical: Links to Chemical Technology Journals, Periodic Table

Electronics:  Electronics Design, Chip CenterGPSWorld, more...

Organizations:  ASME, AIAA, PAMA, SAE, more...


Aviation Enthusiast

Aircraft Images:  USAF, USN,, Aerosite, Aviation Zone, Zap16, Airshowpics, Airshow Action, Airshow ReportMilairpix, Warbird Heritage Foundation

Space Images: JPL images, NASA Liftoff, NASA images, NASA ISS and Satellite Tracking Home, NASA Space Station Tracker, NASA 3-D Satellite Tracking (fun), More...

Compendiums: Airliners.netSky Corner, Aeroflight, Aviation Books, Airships, Aviation Enthusiast Corner, Aviation Online Australia and New Zealand

Pilot Shops:  Pilot shop directory

History: Fighter Planes, LostBirds, Air Britain,  Golden Age, NASA history

Museums: Smithsonian, Seattle Museum of FlightMidAtlantic Air Museum, Canadian, Canadian bushplanes

Aerobatics:  Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, FAI, Federations 

Ballooning: FAI, Federations, More...

Fun:  Encyclopedia Astronautica, Space Shuttle Reference Manual, DFW ATC, Flight Story--Int'l Aviation Story database, Hurricane Hunter, Flight Deck Sims, Flight Sims, Space Weather, Population Clocks, Aviation quotes

Books: The Aviation Book


Aviation Services

Charter and Fractional Ownership companies:   Tradewind Aviation--New England and Caribbean, Jets International, NetJets, Flight Options, CitationShares, Private Jet Services Group, Private Jet Specialist
FBOs and FBO Services: free wireless at FBOs


Flight Schools

Flight Schools and Link lists:, Florida Institute of Technology, Midway, Silver State Helicopters

Learning to Fly:,

World Currencies Converter

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Stock Market

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Miscellaneous Reference

Reference Libraries:US Navy Dudley Knox library, FAA Library, Electronic FARs (GPO),'s searchable FARs, FAA Aerospace Medicine Library, AOPA Air Safety Foundation Library, AOPA Flight Training Library, NBAA Library, California Aviation Alliance library and links, Embry-Riddle, American Society of Civil Engineering Journal of Aerospace Engineering Research Library, American Institute of Physics resources
Time: USNO, Sun rise/set

Maps: Mapquest(US), Rand McNally

Satellite Images:Google Earth, Terra Server, NOAA Geostationary Sat Images (IR, Water Vapor), Interactive Weather Sat Imagery from NASA, TerraFly ($)

Reference: RefDesk, Encyclopedia, (English list of reference and technical sites)

Dictionary / Thesaurus

Statistics: US Statistics, World Statistics, US Census, CIA World Factbook, Library of Congress, State Stats, US info, List of Lists

Company Stats: Hoovers 500, Fortune 500, FTSE 250, Nikkei 225, Global 500

Translation: Babelfish, Babylon

Currency translator


Travel: Fodors,  Distance between points


Aviation Jobs

General:Job Bank, Hotjobs, BrilliantPeople, JobSearchUSA

Engineering: Engineering Central

Aviation Specific: Avjobs, NationJob, JS Firm, AEPS, Aviation Employment,  Spacejobs, AviationCareer, AVCanada, AviationJobs, AeroIndustryJobsFindapilot, Planejobs, Search US Airmen, The Aviation Manpower Directory, more...

Aviation Calendars

   AOPA's Calendar page,, TSC aviation trade shows and conferences





Commercial Transport 

US Airlines:  AirTran, Alaska, Allegiant, Aloha, American, America West, Continental, Delta, Frontier, Northwest, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country, Ted (United), USAirways, United, Airline Profiles

US Regionals: Air Wisconsin, American Eagle, ASA, Cape Air, Chalks, Colgan, Comair, Continental Express, Great Lakes, Horizon, Mesa, Mesaba, PSA, SkyWest, Other Regionals, European, Airline Profiles

Non-US Airlines:  Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air India, Air Jamaica, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, All Nippon, Austrian, Avianca, British Airways, British Midland, BWIA, Cathay Pacific, Cayman Airways, China Airlines, EasyJet, Egypt Air,
El Al, Emirates, Japan, Iberia, IcelandAir, Indian, KLM, Korean, Kuwait, LanChile, Lufthansa, Mexicana, Olympic, Qantas, SAS, South African, Swiss, TACA, Varig,Virgin Atlantic, More..., Airline Profiles

Cargo:  Airborne, Atlas, BAX, DHL, Emery, Evergreen, Fedex, Polar, UPS, Air Cargo World Directory, Others...

Airline Reference2-Letter Codes, On-time data, Air Traffic Control, DOT consumer reports, Airline logos

Airline Safety:, Accidents, Safety incidents by aircraft, Incidents by airline,, Ramp Safety 

Aircraft MfgBoeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, BAE, SaabFairchild-Dornier

Aircraft: B707, B717, B727-100, -200, B737-100/200, -300, -400, -500, -600/700, -800/900, B747-100/200, -300, -400, 747SP, 757-200, -300, 767-200, -300, 400ER, 777-200, -300,  

DC9, DC10, MD80, MD90

A319, A320, A321, A330-200, -300, A340-200/300, -500/600, A380, L1011, Concorde, Saab2000, Avro RJ70, ERJ-145, BrasiliaCRJ100/200, CRJ700, F70, F100, others, another source

Fleet census: SummaryDetailAir Transport Data Bank

Safety History by Model:  Aviation Safety Net, Airsafe

ATC: ATC sites

US Tail Number Lookup:   Landings, FAA Aircraft Registration

World Registrations:  Landings

Business Aviation 

Fixed Wing Aircraft Mfg:  Dassault, Gulfstream, Raytheon, Bombardier, Cessna, Eclipse, Adam Aircraft, HondaJet, New Piper Aircraft, PiperJet

Helicopters: Eurocopter, Bell/Textron, Boeing Canard/Rotary Wing, Sikorsky

Aircraft:  G-II/III, G-IV, G-V, Horizon, Hawker 800, Lear 20's, Lear 30's, Lear 45, Lear 55/60, Falcon 50, Falcon 900, Falcon 2000, Citation III/VI/VII, Citation V, Citation X, Sovereign, Challenger, Continental, Global Expressothers...

Fractional Ownership: Netjets, Flight Options, Citation Shares, Avolar, Flexjet, others...

Aircraft Sales: Trade-A-Plane,,, Aviator Sale, AV Buyer, Avicor (acquisition advisors), Wild Blue LLC aircraft sales, The Aircraft Exchange, Jet Advisors

General Aviation 

Fixed Wing Aircraft Mfg: Cessna, Commander, Diamond, Piper, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Lance-Air, Glasair  

Helicopters: Eurocopter, Bell/Textron, Sikorsky

Airports:  Detailed Airport Info, Landings Airport infoFBOweb, Airport GuideWorld Aero Data, FBOs, Airport Fuel Prices, Hangar Info, Pilot Wait Time

Flight Planning:  FAA Free DUAT (pilots only)

Reference: Flight, Flight Planning Resources, Training, Aircraft PartnershipPalm Pilot Apps, Aviation Formulas, FAA AIM, Learn to Fly, FAA Exam Prep,  WorldBeechcraft, Pilot shops

Aircraft Sales: Trade-A-Plane,,, Aviator Sale, AV Buyer, Avicor (acquisition advisors)

Defense and Government  

Aircraft Mfg:  LockheedMartin, NorthropGrumman, Boeing, General Dynamics

US Aircraft: B1, B2, B52, EA6B, A10, AV8B, F117, F14, F15, F16, F18, JSF, C5, C17, C130, C135, C141, KC130, KC135, E2, E3, UH1, SH2, SH3, H47, AH1, AH64, UH60, others...

Other Countries' Aircraft: here

Aircraft Reference: Globemaster, Joe Baugher, FAS, USNLogistics costs, Accidents, Janes

Aircraft-dedicated sites:  F-16

Budgets: USAF, USN, NASA

Gov. Links: USN, USAF, DTIC, GAO, Contractor Rankings

US House: Home, Transportation, Homeland Security, Appropriations, Armed Services

US Senate: Home, Commerce, Science, & Transportation, Homeland Security, Appropriations, Armed Services, Others...

Research Legislation: Library Of Congress

Regulatory Agencies: FAA,  NTSB, USDOT, TSA, NATCAICAOJAA, Eurocontrol, UK CAA, France (in French), Germany (in German), CalTech list of non-US, ICAO full international list

Think Tanks  

Center for Security Policy

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment

Center for Strategic and International Studies



American Enterprise Institute

Heritage Foundation

Washington Institute for Near East Study

Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies

Portals & Links

Portals & Link Lists: Patrick's Aviation, Aerade, Steehouwer Airshow Photos and Links, Google-Aerospace, Google-Air Transport,   Aeroseek, The Aviation Directory,,, Scramble,Arjen's Aviation Links, Airshow ReportAviationPage,, RefDesk Aviation Links 

FireFighting:  Firefighting ARFFWG 

Medicine: Virtual Flight Surgeons

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