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Business Class Vs. First Class

What is the difference between business class and first class? Is business class the same as first class? Well, the answers to these questions are somewhat nuanced. It depends on the airline, the destination, and even the type of plane. Years ago, one could make a solid case as to why one would choose business class vs. first class, but today the lines have somewhat blurred. Still, in some cases, the differences can be huge, and it’s rather important to understand them:

What is the Difference Between Business Class and First Class?

Traditionally, the focus is different; first class is about luxury, and business class is about convenience. Again, it depends on the airline, destination, and type of travel, but business class tends to be less expensive. With both classes, domestic flight amenities differ wildly from international ones. Here is a breakdown of business class vs. first class for an international flight, in terms of the differences in amenities:

  • Business Class: With a business-class ticket, you’d be getting simple meals, more legroom, semi- (but not often fully-) reclining seats, and toiletries.
  • First Class: With a first-class ticket, you’d be receiving several high-end meals, completely reclining seats or bed-like seats, toiletries (sometimes even silk pajamas, depending on the airline), privacy in a separate part of the cabin, occasional access to lounge areas, and more attentive service.

Space and privacy are the two main differences between the classes. When they’re concerned about the price of their ticket, many professionals opt for business-class seats. However, note that you may be able to find cheap first-class tickets at a greater discount!

Are The Two Classes Always Different?

Not necessarily! Some airlines like Delta and Virgin Atlantic have lumped them into one product. This can be considered as a “business/first class” product, if you will. These tickets often include all of the amenities of a normal first class: fully-reclining seats, better food, more privacy, and more attentive service. So: is business class the same as first class? In this instance, yes.

Whether you fly first class or business class, you’ll be getting exceptional customer service far beyond what you can expect in coach. For questions about your specific flight, feel free to contact Executive Travel Service at 1-866-950-2200.