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Business Travel to Asia

JapanIn today’s global economy, international markets can provide a wealth of opportunity for business growth and business travelers have been flocking to China, Japan, India, and other Asian nations to forge alliances and make deals. But while doing business abroad can be a gold mine, it can also be a minefield. Travelers who aren’t on their toes might find that instead of creating international partnerships, they’ve created an international incident due to an embarrassing faux pas. It’s important to be aware of the nuances of etiquette abroad and how it might differ from what you’re used to at home.

For instance, in most Asian nations, upon meeting a business contact for the first time, you should present your business card to them with both hands: Using one hand is far too casual. Also, be sure to bring business cards that are printed in both English and the native language, even if the people you are dealing with are fluent in English, as this is more respectful. Once you have received someone’s card, study it for a moment, then either place it on the table in front of you or in a business card case. Never just shove it in your pocket.

When doing business over lunch or dinner, don’t be in a hurry to talk about the topic at hand. Many Asian business people place importance on knowing who they’re doing business with, so they will often want to take their time to get to know you a bit before they feel comfortable delving into business matters. Mind your manners while eating, too: Be sure to praise the abundance and quality of the food, and try at least a little bit of everything you are offered. In addition, if you are using chopsticks, basic etiquette in China and Japan dictates that you should never spear food with one chopstick, and never, ever stick both chopsticks upright into a bowl of rice: This resembles the incense used at a funeral and is very bad luck.

Of course, in addition to doing your best to observe the cultural customs of the people with whom you’re dealing, you should also arrive at any business meeting well-rested and with a neat appearance: It’s disrespectful to show up bedraggled after a long flight. The best way to sure that you are in top form for your business meeting is by flying first or business class. Executive Class Travel, we can help you fly the best business class to Asia without paying first class prices. Who has the cheapest business class to Asia? We do, and we have a price-match guarantee to back up that claim. We offer cheap tickets to destinations around the world, and our representatives can get you a discount of up to 70% off of published fares.

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