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Business Travel To India

taj-mahalIndia’s economy is booming, and companies can find a wealth of opportunities there for business growth and development. It’s no wonder, then, that India has become a top destination for business travel, with throngs of people flying into Delhi each year for meetings and transactions in this city and in places like Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. But doing business in a foreign country can bring hidden pitfalls that could doom your efforts abroad. It’s essential that you do your homework to have the best chance at business success in India.

When doing business in India, always dress formally, including long pants, closed-toe shoes, and modest necklines. Try not to schedule more than one meeting in a day, as your associates will often expect to follow your meeting with a leisurely meal. When eating and drinking in India, never drink tap water, as its safety can be in question: Drink canned beverages or bottled water with a sealed cap. At a business lunch or dinner, use your fork to push food onto your spoon; the spoon is the primary utensil. In more rural locations, you might instead be expected to eat with your hands, using the bread to scoop up your food. In either case, enjoy the local cuisine, but try to leave a little bit on your plate: This indicates that you’re satisfied, while an empty plate signals that you’re still hungry. Only use your right hand when eating, as the left hand is considered unclean. You might also do well to avoid ordering beef or pork dishes, since this might offend Hindu or Muslim business associates.

Another wise tip for business travelers is to avoid overspending on business-class fares to India. Of course, you’ll want to arrive refreshed and ready to deal, so flying coach likely isn’t a good idea. You’ll want to take advantage of things like a lie-flat seat and multi-course meals in order to prevent landing on the ground feeling hungry and bedraggled. But you don’t need to fly first class to do so, nor do you have to spend an arm and a leg on your flight. Simply call Executive Class Travel, and we’ll find you the cheapest business-class tickets to India. You’ll have plenty of money left over to see the sites of this fascinating Asian nation when you let us use our wealth of experience to find you the cheapest business class to India, and since we work hard to make booking your tickets a fast, stress-free experience, you won’t need to worry about a thing once you talk to us.

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