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Corporate Travel Solutions

We at Executive Class Travel offer innovative corporate travel solutions to businesses across the globe. We are a corporate travel agency and airline consolidator, offering first class and business class flights at a fraction of the cost. Our services not only cut costs, but offer corporations a way to reward highly valued employees and teams with high-end flight experiences. There are many advantages to choosing us as your corporate travel agency:

Save On Travel Expenses

Our corporate travel services enable teams to save as much as 40 to 70% on business class tickets. Travel, HR, or finance departments will be thrilled with the discounts we provide. We simply offer the best prices, guaranteed. We’re so confident in our ability to get companies the best prices that we offer a 100% price match guarantee; we will never be undersold!

Reward Teams with Business Class Flights

With Executive Class Travel, it’s easy to reward your employees with excellent airline experiences and services. Lower-ranking employees and teams will get a huge confidence boost and understand the company’s appreciation for their hard work. With our brand of corporate travel, management and high-level executives can fly in first class while avoiding the pollution, costs, and bad public relations that private jets often incur. No matter which employee you’re flying in business class or why, you can cheaply grow your positive company culture and increase in-flight productivity.

Fly Anywhere At a Discount

We offer first class and business class flights internationally, to Sydney, London, Beijing, Paris, or Tokyo; we can help your employees travel to anywhere that’s important to your business. We also offer cheap national flights within the U.S., Canada, and Alaska. Fill out a quote form, and a corporate travel agent can help you find a cheap flight to your next destination. Corporate executives can fly to important company locations, overseas partners, or communication hubs.

Get Consistent, High-Quality Service

Our long list of returning clients includes business people, entertainment professionals, and government officials. They’ve come to know our commitment to long-term customer service, which we have been providing since 1992. While some travel agencies merely focus on sales, we want you considered us your corporate travel management partner. We want to help you solve problems, engage employees, stay within travel budgets, and have overall better travel experiences.

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Securely Sell Extra, Unused Miles from Rewards Programs

Extra rewards points that go unused are a huge waste of resources. Get a better ROI from your travel investments by selling your extra miles to us. We offer a safe, confidential way for you to sell your miles, meaning you’ll be able to spend cash on other necessary business expenses and stay within your budget. Within 24 hours, our team can offer you a quote. If faster service is required, please call us at 1-866-950-2200.

We’re happy to help you meet your budgets, reward your employees, and fly your executives in style. With the best prices on first class and business class tickets in the industry, Executive Class Travel can meet all of your travel needs.