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First Class

These days, many people think of air travel as a stressful, uncomfortable experience. But that doesn’t have to be the case. While those traveling in coach might deal with cramped quarters and limited food options, flying in first class is a vastly different experience. In first class, and even in business class, passengers enjoy ample legroom, seats that can recline to lie flat so you can sleep comfortably, and plentiful meals, snacks, and drinks. Of course, there are also the small benefits, like taking advantage of airlines’ first-class lounges at airports and being among the first passengers to get on and off of the plane instead of being herded around with the rest of the crowd. It’s a premium experience, but with Executive Class Travel, flying first-class doesn’t have to carry a premium price tag.

When you book discount first-class airfare with us, you can fly first class cheap and still enjoy all of the perks you expect from a high-end travel experience. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and relax, and you’ll enjoy perks like luxurious amenity kits, hot towels, three-course gourmet meals created by famous chefs, and delicious snacks and drinks. Some airlines even offer private suites, massage chairs, and showers for first-class passengers. When you take advantage of our first-class airfare deals, you can travel in comfort and style without paying any more than you have to. In fact, our prices are up to 70 percent lower than regular published fares! We promise that you won’t find a better deal on first-class flights anywhere else, thanks to our price-match guarantee.

first class

It doesn’t matter where you want to go: Executive Class Travel can get you there for less. We offer discount first-class airline tickets to destinations both foreign and domestic, from New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles to London or Beijing. Whether you’re off to Shanghai for a business meeting or headed to Paris for a romantic honeymoon, we can connect you with discount first-class airfare. It’s no wonder that our client list includes famous entertainment figures and government officials. They know the value of a luxurious travel experience, but they’re savvy enough not to want to spend more money than they have to.

With Executive Class Travel, there’s no need to waste money when you fly first class. Cheap first-class airfare deals are one of our specialties, and our helpful travel consultants would be happy to assist you with booking your trip. We have more than 20 years of experience helping people get to their destinations in the most enjoyable way possible, and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We can even help you make use of your unused airline miles: We’ll buy them from you, so you can shave even more off the out-of-pocket cost of your discount first-class airline tickets. If you’d like to fly first class to your destination without having to pay an arm and a leg, call us today at 1-866-950-2200 to get started booking your tickets. You’ll enjoy your flight even more knowing that you got a great deal!