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Larry Bascom

Hi, I’m Larry Bacom and I’ve been writing for and working with for some time now. Besides doing this I’m also a frequent traveler with my work in travel and tourism – go figure – and I’ve been on my share of flights. But seriously, traveling, be it for work or for fun is something that I always enjoyed. Who was it that said that it’s not the destination, but the journey you take to get there? Well I agree with that guy.

Traveling has afforded me so many wonderful experiences, starting with my degree and background in travel and tourism from a college out east and the careers that followed. I don’t have a corner office, but I bet my view is better than most anyway. I found that the more I learn about traveling, the better my trips become and the more I appreciate the journey.

When I’m not traveling though, home is where I want to be. I’ve got a wonderful family (My wife Julie, my son Landon, and a slew of extended family who I could even begin to list off) who has always been supportive of my wanderlust ways.

I look forward to taking you all on my journey and inspiring a generation of travelers that understand the importance of first-class travel and the difference it can make in their professional lives.

Keep your eye on the sky,